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Life Coaching with Carla Paton

Are you ready to make meaningful changes in your life?  Then you’ve come to the right place.

Through sessions held over the phone, Carla assists clients to clarify vision, maintain focus and develop strategies which lead to success, meaning and fulfillment in all areas of life. Clients learn to draw upon their God-given strengths, talents and insights in a supportive non-judgmental environment. Through collaboration and accountability, a coaching relationship will empower you to reach farther and achieve your goals sooner than you would on your own.  

“You were created on purpose, for a purpose. God has given you a unique combination of gifts, talents, abilities and experiences for a reason. I believe He has placed passion, vision and desire on your heart not only to bless your life, but to benefit others. This is who you are; the way God designed you.  As you begin to align who you are with what you do, you will find more meaning and fulfillment in life.”  ~Carla Paton

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Goal & Performance Coaching

Are you ready to do what truly inspires you and experience the results you know you are capable of? Coaching provides the structure, support and accountability you need to ensure real and measurable progress toward your personal and professional goals.

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Transformational Life Coaching

Are you in a season of transition? Coaching will help you maximize your potential as you navigate through changes in your personal or professional life. Gain clarity, maintain focus and develop strategies which encourage growth as you embrace new opportunity.

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Passion, Purpose & Life Calling

Is God calling you to be more and do more with your life? Coaching will help you discover where God is leading you, what He is calling you to do and who He is calling you to become. Pursue your passion and move beyond a life of mediocrity.

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