Losing weight is a SMART goal for me!

Considering I can no longer deny the fact that every single pair of pants I own is way too tight on me, it has become abundantly and painfully clear what my next new years resolution must be…

That’s right, I know it’s rather cliche but my next goal for 2013 is going to be to shed the excess weight I managed to put on in 2012.

So here is my stated goal: I will lose 14 lbs by May 19th, so my clothes fit more comfortably and I’ll feel more energetic. I will do this by eating a healthier, low carb, low sugar diet and sticking to a daily exercise routine.

Since I intend to be successful in meeting this goal (and I also want to practice what I preach) let’s see if it meets the S.M.A.R.T goal criteria.

  • S – Specific: Is it specific enough? I think so: 14 lbs by May 19, with diet and exercise.
  • M – MeasurableWill my progress be measurable? Yes, by the scale and the calendar.
  • A – Achievable: Is it possible and within my reach? We’re looking at less than a pound a week, seems do-able.
  • R – Relevant: Is it consistent with my values and other goals? I would say yes. I definitely don’t want to outgrow my wardrobe and May 19th is when we leave on our cruise to Bermuda. I intend be fit and ready to enjoy it.
  • T – Timely: Has a time frame been established for completing my goal? Yes. it has!

One final note for all of us as I wrap up this post: Get excited about being healthy because being healthy is exciting!


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