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Personality Assessment with Coaching Session

Introduction to Print® Personality Assessment

Did you ever wonder why people behave so differently? Did you ever observe two people seeing the same thing or hearing the same conversation and having completely different interpretations? Did you ever wonder why certain people are passive while others are assertive? Why some are impulsive and others prefer to plan? Why some are more creative and others are more analytical? Why some are detailed and others only see the big picture?

The answers to these questions and many more are very much connected to one’s personality. One way to describe personality is using a process called “Printing®”. Printing is based on a powerful system that was developed by scholars centuries ago and has been refined over hundreds of years.

Printing takes people’s personality traits, along with the why’s behind these traits, and groups them into 9 categories – each with its own way of thinking, feeling and behaving; its own unique view of the world; and its own set of strengths and potential weaknesses.

You are who you are, for a reason.  As you become aware of your uniqueness at a deeper level, you’ll begin to align your life in a more meaningful and purposeful way. The Print Personality Assessment tool will you a clear understanding of your God-given strengths and contributions (Best-Self), and the potential barriers (Shadow-Traits) that can get in your way. This offer is perfect for anyone looking to improve performance, accelerate growth and enhance quality of life and relationships.

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